Consultants and Collaborators

HPS is highly collaborative and 'hands on,' which we love. HPS allows us to integrate into their design process and add a builder's perspective, which ultimately helps the client by reducing project costs and schedules. We also enjoy the tremendous camaraderie and espirit de corps with HPS, as we work together to design and build great projects for our clients. They help make the project fun, interesting and a learning experience!

—mike blach, president & ceo, blach construction co.

Successful built projects depend upon the teamwork of designers, builders, and owners. We are fortunate to work with a strong network of consultants and contractors who share our commitment to an integrated approach in projects and who share our belief that we best solve problems and meet our clients’ goals by proactively working together. We have worked successfully with many of these consultants and contractors for the entire lifetime of the firm.

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